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The four-year reign of young Roman Emperor Gaius Caesar Caligula (37-41 CE) became legendary for extravagant parties, conspiracies, gladiatorial games, orgies, political controversy, and for the phenomenal sexual crave of the beautiful women living in Caligula's Palace on the Palatine Hill or patronizing his court.

He went down to history as a madman. He's alleged to have made his horse Incitatus a Consul of Rome. He's accused to have murdered his sister/lover Drusilla. He turned a wing of the Imperial Palace into a lavish public brothel. The women of his entourage are all depicted as whores by later historians.

Intrigued and inspired by the above, Lasse Braun began researching and dissecting the events of Caligula's times. Then, as he found the right clues, he disregarded all other business and dedicated the entire year 1999­­14/7/365­­to the writing of this 740-page erotic thriller, LADY CALIGULA.

While writing his novel, Braun let it all go­­sexually and intellectually. He put no limits to his imagination. His tremendous knowledge of true Roman history blends with a number and quality of sexual events, which could have only been depicted with such accuracy by someone who knows the most secret details of carnal affairs and the deepest prerequisites of triumphant eroticism.

The mixture of unrestricted sex with the grandiose Roman civilization at its peak; the sexual antics of the young, famous princesses Drusilla, Messalina and Agrippina with hundreds of historical and fictional characters; the loves of Hebrew prince Herod Agrippa, a favorite of the Julian family; the fabulous dance of Salome; the plots and counterplots to gain power; the accurate descriptions of Caligual's moves and goals; the fascination with horses of his 18-year-old newlywed wife, princess Ladyssa Tudorus of Britannia, are going to keep you reading for days­­and nights­­to come. You'll never think the same way about Rome and about sex after you'll read this unique, super-exciting novel.

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Author's Note
Basic Bibliography
Appendix #1 - The Origin of the Word Pornography
Appendix #2 - Discrepancies between Ancient and Modern Calendar
Chapter Three - Messalina and the Gladiators
Chapter Thirteen - Agrippinilla and Uncle Claudius
Chapter Twenty One - Dialogue between Caligula and Drusilla