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June 1977: LB Retires from the Adult Business

      In June 1977, after a 15-year unyielding fight against the system of sexual repression, despite incredible results, Lasse Braun retires from the adult business, leaving his heritage to the new generations. This decision was made for various reasons: (a) dislike for the greedy, superficial attitude of most distributors; (b) feeling of having done enough for the cause; (c) his involvement with the Dutch Foundation, "Documents of Evolution," which required scientific research on different topics in several countries; (d) the deception with the Amsterdam City scandal; and (e) the number of judiciary cases which had piled up against him in Italy during the past years, due to his determination to challenge the medieval ideology of censorship dominating the planet.

End of LB Biography Part One

      Having left the adult business, LB was very active with various endeavors for about three years--from mid-1977 to mid-1980. Then, he became involved in numerous scientific researches, but he came back to moviemaking on several occasions. In 1980-1981 he made two more real sex movies in Europe and America. In 1985, 1990, 1995, and 1997-1998 he made a total of 12 video-features, edited for adult sex and cable. In 1991-1992 he produced/directed two soft-erotic miniseries in Europe, and five soft-erotic video-features in America. In 1999, he dedicated the whole year to the writing of LADY CALIGULA, his first major novel written in English.

LB says hello to his girlfriend in front of his offices in Breda, 1977.
Short story of the LB Archive

The adventures and motivations related to the second phase of LB's involvement with the sex revolution, starting with the two 35mm features films he made in 1976, and ending with the year 2000, will be the subject of LB Biography - PART TWO, which will be released on this website as soon as it's ready.

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